Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Exams are over. Time for Holidays!

Right, exams are over, relaxation has been very much had; I think it's time for a return!

As it turned out the much vaunted "stress of exams" turned out to be not very stressful at all. As soon as you sit down in your chair it's as if all the pressure has been released, you know what you know and accept your faith, whatever it may be. A surge of adrenaline brings details you never thought you could remember to the forefront of your cortex and suddenly, you realise, you can do this.

So exams went well but that's all over, the important thing is Summer! And a strange feeling this Summer is. I am no longer a pupil, I am not yet a student. I have no idea what the end of this Summer will bring except adventure. So to make the most of it, 9 of my friends and I are heading west next week for a week-long holiday in The Maharees of Kerry for sun, surf and sand.

Of course the above image and hopes are a bit idealised. What we'll probably end up with is clouds and rain, some very cold surfing (still extremely fun) and many evenings spent in the local pub drinking to our hearts delight. But what we're looking forward to most of all is the simple craic of freedom. I'll try to post updates while we're down there but even a simple internet signal is very much a luxury we probably won't be getting.

But who cares, there'll be stories to tell when we return, stories of drunken escapades, wetsuit rash, sociopathic pranks and "genius" ideas. Until then I leave you with this, make the most of this Summer, it may be the last you ever spend with all your friends. Make it last a lifetime.

Over and out.

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